Startup America Regions Head to the White House

Today, regional leaders and entrepreneurs from Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Tennessee will join the Startup America all-entrepreneur board and senior administration officials at the White House for an in-depth discussion on building strong startup ecosystems across the country

The leaders will share their region's bright spots and challenges, discuss the value of entrepreneur-led initiatives and the involvement of the entire private sector in rallying entire communities to focus on job creation, and provide recommendations for how Startup America can best help the regions strengthen their local startup networks and engage young companies to help them grow organically in their hometowns. 

Thank you to all of these regional leaders and entrepreneurs for joining us and sharing your insights.

Startup Connecticut

•       Danny Briere, CEO, Telechoice

•       Derek Koch, CEO and Founder, Independent Software

•       Miles Lasater, Founder and COO, Higher One

•       Casey Pickett, Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Startup Florida

•       Susan Amat, Executive Director and Co-founder, The Launch Pad

•       John Duffy, CEO and Co-founder, 3Cinteractive

•       David Lekach, CEO and Co-founder, Dream Water

•       Albert Santalo, President, CEO, and Founder, Carecloud

Startup Illinois

•       Kevin Willer, President and CEO, Chicagoland Entrepreneur Center

Startup Massachusetts

•       Cory Bolotsky, Startup Concierge, MassChallenge

•       Claudia Espinola, Founder and CEO, Casa Couture

•       Michael Gaiss, Senior Vice President, Highland Capital Partners

•       Tim Rowe, Founder and CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center

Startup Tennessee

•       Sam Lingo, COO, Entrepreneur Center

•       Jason Moore, Founder and CEO, Stratasan

•       David Warren, Director of Operations, StartupTN